Accord Dental Clinic

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It all started with Accord Dental Clinic in Kitsilano. Dr. Alex was struggling to get new patients to his Kitsilano dental office so he reached out to us. We’ve been marketing dozens of small businesses in the area but never a dental office. This was new territory for us, but we were confident in our work and skillsets.

Although it took longer than expected, Dr. Alex stuck with us as he was seeing an increase in patients. He was confident in our ability. After a long 6 months and several Google updates, we were able to launch Accord Dental to the top of Google searches and the patients started rolling in as expected.

We started SEO on a website that Dr. Alex had provided, but it proved difficult due to the outdated design and codes. After about 3 months, we took the initiative and converted his original website into a dynamic WordPress CMS website. This allowed us to make changes on the fly and prevented fewer errors along the way. The design didn’t change dramatically because Dr. Alex wanted his website to remain simple. I believe we were able achieved this, while keeping our client happy. Some key features which were added to the existing website are listed below:

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly HTML
  • SSL Certificate
  • Contact Form
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Social Media Feed

Keywords we were successful in targeting for Accord Dental are: Kitsilano Dentist (7th), Kitsilano Dental Clinic (2nd in Maps), West 4th Dental Clinic (2nd).

  • +400 keywords ranked
  • +4000 unique visitors
  • +3000 actions (directions/calls)
  • 4.7 Google review score (21 reviews)

We’ve implemented a Google Adwords campaign for Accord Dental, rotating 3-5 different ads. We targeted a 5km area around Kitsilano to maximize our ROI. We’ve set up several social media accounts and check them daily for potential leads.

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