East Van Dental Clinic

east van dental office

Dr. Komal Dhir asked us to run our market research to see if this falling dental clinic could be a profitable investment. Our research indicated that it was. With the amount of foot traffic and the tech-savvy population in this area, we knew that our SEM/SEO strategy would work wonders here.

It’s been 4 months since Dr. Dhir took over East Van Dental and he has hired an extra 2 dentists to help with the inpouring of new patients.

The web design and strategy was simple. Create a simplistic webpage that offers many promotions to try to attract new potential patients.  Offering a FREE electric toothbrush or take-home whitening kit for new patients and a referral program did the trick. With our strategic marketing strategy and the expertise of Dr. Dhir and his team, we were able to target audiences across all social media platforms and Google:

Keywords that we were able to successfully implement for East Van Dental Clinic in the short 4 months are: East Vancouver Dental (2nd), East Vancouver Dentist (2nd), Commercial Drive Dentist (3rd in Maps).

  • +800 keywords ranked
  • +3500 unique visitors
  • +1500 actions (directions/calls)
  • 4.3 Google review score (6 reviews)

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