Sapperton Dental Clinic

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Sapperton Dental is luckily located in a medical building, which brings quite a number of foot-traffic to the office. Another great aspect is that it’s located on a busy street which makes it easy to find.

The best part of all is that both dentists (Dr. Sarika Sachdeva & Dr. Sandeep Sachdeva) here are exceptional dentists. A brother and sister duo that simply delivers.

The interior decor to this dental clinic is top-notch. All we had to do was follow the design of the dental office when designing the website. Soft colours, easy to navigate and straight to the point. We used a WordPress platform which makes it extremely easy to update as Sapperton Dental constantly pumps out dental articles. Some features of this website include:

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly HTML
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Instagram Integration

We’ve been SEO’ing this website for over 2 years now and are pleased with our results. Averaging about 40 new patients per month, sometimes even breaking 80 new patients. We can honestly say we’re building a long-lasting and profitable relationship with Sapperton Dental. Some keywords we were able to rank for are: New Westminster Dental Clinic (3rd in Maps), Best Dental Clinic New Westminster (6th), Dentist in Sapperton (1st), Invisalign Dentist New Westminster (3rd in Maps).

  • +1000 keywords ranked
  • +4000 unique visitors
  • +2000 actions (directions/calls)
  • 4.5 Google review score (32 reviews)

With our near-perfect review score on Google and other social media platform, we advertised aggressively with Google Adwords along with several other review-based platforms. Below are some of our social media accounts:

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