Sunrise Village Dental Clinic

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Sunrise Village Dental Clinic is located on a historic Hastings St. in East Vancouver, BC. There are abundant of shops, but unfortunately also a few other dental clinics. When Dr. Dhir took over this dental office, he was worried about the competition. He was worried if there would be enough patients to split between 5 other clinics within a 1 km radius.

Working with Dr. Dhir in the past, I was confident that his skills as a dentist are equal or better than most dentists. That, along with our marketing strategy, I was confident that even if there were a dozen other dentists in the area we would be profitable.

We wanted a website that reflected the vibrant neighbourhood of Hastings St. We used lots of colours, illustrations to showcase the dynamic spirit of the people living in the area.  Knowing that our visitors probably will visit other dental websites, so we wanted to leave an unforgettable impression. Some key features of the website are listed below:

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly HTML
  • Dental Statistics
  • Testimonial Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Facebook Review Integration

We’ve been working at Sunrise Village Dental for over a year now with very positive numbers. The keywords that we were able to successfully implement are: Dentist on Hastings Street, Dental Clinic on Hastings Street, Best Dentist on Hastings Street.

  • +1000 keywords ranked
  • +3000 unique visitors
  • +3000 actions (directions/calls)
  • 5.0 Google review score (17 reviews)

With our perfect review score on Google and other social media platform, we advertised aggressively with Google Adwords along with several other review-based platforms. Below are some of our social media accounts:

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